JBJ Trucks and Stuff, Shelby OH.

JBJ Trucks & Stuff LLC
39 Mohican St
Shelby OH, 44875

Closed Sundays, Mondays & Holidays

M35, XM818, M916's and more








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JbJ trucks and stuff LLC deals in Military Trucks, all registered with Ohio Titles
Welcome to JBJ Trucks and Stuff LLC!

Located in Shelby Ohio, JBJ Trucks is your one stop shop for Military Trucks, Trailers, Generators, Fork Lifts, and So much more. We stock an impressive array of 2 1/2 (duece and a half), 5 ton, and Semi Military trucks, as well as Military Trailers ranging from small 1 1/2 ton Ammo trailers, to 10 ton dual Axle Ammo trailers, and Semi Trailers.

Stop by and check out the lot, and keep coming back here as we prepare to bring you a parts catalog as well as our inventory online!. Feel free to contact us with any questions by clicking here.

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